Canapé Parties

Delicious, interesting and flexible menu.

Your Big Day Wedding & Event Catering’s Canapés offer one of the most delicious, interesting and flexible menus around. Themed Canapés, Pre-dinner, instead of dinner, after dinner, hot, cold, the sky’s the limit. They are of course not only flexible in-terms of food, but also ease of service, you can take them anywhere.

Our professionally trained staff circulate with your choice of canapés and drinks explaining to guests exactly what they have on offer.

Traditional Favourites

Our canapés are something to get really excited about, we are constantly developing not only our canapé menus but also how we serve them.

Can’t serve canapés on a Bustbin Lid? Say’s who!

Of course we won’t forget the tradition favourites, but we like to keep our finger on the pulse with new contemporary ideas. We would be delighted to create a canapé menu that would suit your event.